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The Buzz

It's been a busy month here at Telesgop, and we're only going to get busier.

indie-card BBC Four | Music For Misfits: The Story Of Indie

BBC Four tells the definitive story of indie music with a series about the wide-ranging genre loved by young and old, across the decades. The hour-long programmes will air on Fridays from early October.

simon BBC Radio Wales | Simon Weston’s Welsh Guards

Simon Weston, a former Welsh Guard and Falklands war veteran, celebrates 100 years of the Welsh Guards.

Meatloaf BBC FOUR | Meatloaf

Meat Loaf is an enduring icon of American rock. Our upcoming documentary for BBC FOUR, features exclusive interviews and backstage footage with Meat Loaf in Las Vegas. TX 2015

gurnos BBC Wales | The School on the Gurnos

Tuesday 24th March BBC ONE Wales at 10.40pm.

ytyrchwyr S4C | Y Tyrchwyr

Iolo burrows into the secret world of mammals underground

draw S4C | Dibendraw

It’s all-encompassing, it’s in everything, and it’s continuous and never ending. What is it? Well science of course, and the subject of S4C’s brand new series, Dibendraw.

radio Radio Cymru | Tommo’s Radio Show

Telesgop are pleased to announce that following a tender process, we will be producing Radio Cymru’s afternoon show from West Wales on their behalf, which will be presented by Andrew ‘Tommo’ Thomas.    

dylan BBC Radio Wales | Dylan’s Amateur Dramatics

Telesgop will be following the actors and volunteers at Swansea Little Theatre Company in a new commission for BBC Radio Wales.

davies BBC TWO Wales | Bringing Art to Wales: The Davies Sisters

The presenter Trevor Fishlock explores the extraordinary story of the Davies Sisters and their world class art collection in a new documentary for BBC TWO Wales. To be broadcast Saturday 24th May at 7.30pm.

ffermio S4C | Ffermio

Ffermio is a farming and countryside magazine series, which is broadcast on S4C on Monday nights at 8.25pm.

denver BBC FOUR | John Denver: Country Boy

BBC FOUR explores the private life and public legacy of John Denver – America’s original Country Boy.


A detective story that will show how Charles Darwin lied and cheated in order to be recognized as the discoverer of the theory of evolution.

radio Radio Cymru | Cofiant: Bob

Dei Tomos talks to Alan Llwyd, biographer of poet R Williams Parry.

radio Radio Cymru | Na Dw I Ddim Yn Feddw

On the 8th of April 2013, a documentary programme was broadcast on Radio Cymru about a teacher at Ysgol y Preseli.

edward Channel 4 | Edward VIII’s Murderous Mistress

Edward VIII’s Murderous Mistress will be broadcast on Channel 4 on Tuesday 23rd April at 9pm.

radio BBC Radio Cymru | Heledd Cynwal


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