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With vast experience in the creation of user driven interface games for children, we have the know-how and experience to create original eLearning resources. With a significant portfolio of work for the Welsh Assembly Government, Welsh Language Board and the National Grid for Learning, we utilize over years of experience in software design to help fulfil educational needs.

The Motion Graphics and Animation team, work closely with the Education department to create excellent computer images for the web, DVD and hard material such as educational books. The vast majority of our products are used consistently on all types of Interactive Whiteboards and on various VLE systems.

Here are some examples of the type of resource we are currently producing or have recently been published.

Clyw (Listening and Responding)

A website which includes a bank of 200 audio clips along with related activities which develops pupils listening skills at Key Stage 3 and 4.

Clic Clonc (Welsh Activities for Adults)

Interactive resource that supports learners on intensive courses organised by the Welsh for Adults Centres at Entry and Foundation levels, providing an opportunity to practice grammatical patterns and vocabulary skills to aid class performance.

Performing Arts

Bilingual online resource to support students and teachers preparing for the new WJEC GCSE in Performing Arts.

Out & About with Mari and Max.

A Series of 6 bilingual books that supports knowledge and understanding of the world, places and people, for ages 3-7.

Alternative Energy

A website that helps teach Design and Technology, and supports the curriculum at Key Stage 2. The resource includes visual and textual content to support students.

Welsh for Adults DVD

DVD suitable for adults learning Welsh in order to promote the use of audiovisual activities in the classroom, by introducing a collection of video clips from a variety of S4C programs.

Welsh Resource Database

A comprehensive online database including resources to support educators and Welsh second language learners of all ages.

Hospitality and Catering

Website includes a series of six units of interactive materials, appealing to post-16 learner, that can be downloaded for use on whiteboards and studied independently.

Beef Production

Is an interactive educational package 'Beef Production', for use in colleges and universities across Wales.


Beirdd a'u Barddoniaeth (Poets and their Poetry)

A DVD that presents the portraits of 12 poets whose work is included in the GCSE Welsh Literature specification.


"Thank you very much for the DVD 'Poets and Poetry' - it is an additional resource that is very much welcomed.

Amser Stori (Storytime)

A DVD which raises confidence of parents wishing to read in Welsh to their children, whilst watching clips to familiarise with the story before attempting to read the story themselves.