Tryweryn: 50 Years On

Historian and author Dr Wyn Thomas relates the story behind the Tryweryn Reservoir, officially opened on October 21st 1965.

Through a Private Members Bill, the Corporation of Liverpool had permission to drown the village of Capel Celyn to create an extra water supply for Liverpool. During the period, there were strong feelings in Wales and cries of ‘hands off our land’. It was a political issue, and although not one of the 36 Welsh MP’s voted in favour of the Bill, it was passed. In 2005 Liverpool council issued an apology for the way the matter was handled.

The programme tells the story and interview amongst others, Lord Peter Brooke, whose father – the late Henry Brooke, was Minister for Wales at the time, and steered the Private Bill through Parliament.

The Tryweryn story is still very much a contentious issue in Wales. But fact and myth have become intertwined, and certain truths need to be told.