Graphics and Animation

12 years of creating graphics for TV and corporate clients.


Our in-house graphics department was established in 2008 and has created graphics for television, corporate clients and educational projects. We have the skills, experience and passion to tackle any project.

Titles and Branding

Opening titles, lower thirds, end of parts and credit sequences. All based around a consistent brand and theme that will unify your TV programme.

Animated Maps

Every great factual or documentary programme needs a map (we know…we’ve made plenty). Take your viewers to anywhere in the World in various styles and formats.

Information and Data

Graphs and statistical data…all the stuff that usually sounds so bland on paper can be brought to life through our graphics and animation. We have a long track record of creating data driven graphics for historic and scientific programmes.


Scoreboards, competitor profiles and event layouts. Whether you’re producing a sport, music or cultural event, our events graphics packages will show off your illustrious event.

Compositing and VFX

Ensure your message or scene is presented effectively to the viewer with special effects and compositing techniques. For when camera footage just isn’t enough.


Adverts, social videos, explainer videos and tutorials. Our graphics will inject your brand and personality into your project, so you can excel at showing your audience how awesome you are.

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