Pwy sy? Who is? - ‘sy’ – who is/which is

Patrymau Iaith - Language patterns

  • Pwy sy’n dda o flaen camera?
  • Beth sy’n bod?
  • Faint sy mewn tîm?
  • Beth sy ymlaen?
  • Who is good in front of a camera?
  • What's the matter?
  • How many are in a team?
  • What's on?

Ond mae ‘sy’ ar ganol y frawddeg yn golygu 'who is/which is'. Does dim angen ‘pwy’.
But 'sy' mid sentence means who is / which is. There is no need for 'pwy'.

Mae brawd gyda hi sy'n actor.
She's got a brother who is an actor.

Dw i wedi cael llythyr gan rywun sy’n gweithio i S4C
I’ve had a letter from someone who works for S4C.

Sy wedi / who has
Dyna’r dyn sy wedi lladd cariad y ditectif.
That's the man who has killed the detective's lover.