Climate Challenge

This timely series follows the journey of Siwan Davies, a Professor of Physical Geography at Swansea University who is well respected in her field. For this series she travels to countries where ordinary people are already facing significant challenges in their lives because of how the climate is changing, very rapidly. The series demonstrates the seriousness of their predicament but also reveals surprising ways in which scientists, inventors and citizens are working to find solutions.

Day to day, Siwans research is into historical climate change and there is nothing much she doesnt know about the causes of past significant ice ages due to the earths movement around the sun, and blips in-between where sudden climate changes have caused mini ice ages or warm periods. But despite her expertise, the climate change we are experiencing now fascinates her.

Our climate is changing in ways that do not fit any of the data or past knowledge. This series is also highly topical. Environmental issues are high on the agenda for many countries and viewers are more interested and engaged than ever before on this subject matter. Yet as we are bombarded each month with statistics claiming the hottest months on record, America has just chosen a President who believes that climate change is a conspiracy and not real.