Lily: A Transgender Story

Filmed over five years, this is the story of Lily Jones and her transition from male to female – a journey which began when she was 15 and living with her farming family in mid Wales.

Her life has been captured throughout, including this new chapter in which Lily is preparing for her next step, gender reassignment surgery, as well as making the big move of leaving behind her rural family home in Aberystwyth for a new life in Birmingham.

City life’s just one change for Lily who is also loving her first job, and the start of a brand new relationship when everything is thrown into chaos by the unexpected and sudden complications of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Throughout the five years, the relentless support of Lily’s family, even in the face of negative reactions and their own struggles to come to terms with all the changes that unfold, proves invaluable to Lily.

This rare long-term view interweaves footage from two previous documentaries as well as Lily’s own footage and content from her youtube channel and other social media, delivering a very personal story as she reaches the moment of truly life-changing surgery she has been building towards for so long.

Lily comes from a farming family in a rural, predominantly Welsh-speaking area. Her transition was highly unusual within that community. We see the challenges faced by her, and her family, and how her relationship with her dad, a traditional Welsh cattle farmer, evolves over time.

Lily’s story is set against the dramatic events of 2020, with Covid-19 impacting on her life and surgery. She, her new partner and parents have to quickly adapt to rapidly-changing events no-one could have predicted.

This is the powerful story of one remarkable woman and a family driven by love for their child, as they negotiate the most extraordinary of circumstances.