Meet the Watkins

At the family-run Cwmcerrig farm, shop and grill in Gorslas, it’s a non-stop endeavour to keep the business alive. In this lively observational series, we go behind the scenes of a flourishing Welsh family business (day and night), to show how blood, sweat, tears and plenty of laughter can keep jobs safe, a family and an entire community thriving even in the hardest times. It’s a unique set-up; an entrepreneurial Welsh family, mixing old ventures and new, and thriving in an under-privileged part of the country.

Of the 40 staff on site, around 18 are family members. The Watkins’ family has 13 brothers and sisters at its core – 4 of whom are the main business partners. Their children and various cousins are also involved and together they run the Cwmcerrig enterprise. Over the course of a year, we followed some of the larger-than-life characters…and there are plenty of those!