Pobol Port Talbot

Taxi drivers, bakers, children, and choir singers are among the people who feature in this Welsh language series about the lives of Port Talbot’s residents.

The three-part series follows the people of Port Talbot as they go about their daily routines – going to school and work, opening shops and keeping fit.

The series travels into the community in a bid to get to know the residents of a town that has come under much pressure with the uncertainties that surround the future of TATA Steel.

Such difficulties have been highlighted by Kyle James, aged 19. He said: “The steel works forms such an important part of our community and in addition to bringing jobs, it keeps the shops, leisure centre and other businesses going. If it goes, Port Talbot will go with it. The place will become a ghost town.”

“We’re a very close community and everybody supports everyone else. Everyone in Port Talbot knows of someone who works in the steel works and so the possibility of it closing affects us all.”

Not to be forgotten, Port Talbot’s own fundraising superhero Captain Beany also features in one episode as he gives high fives to the children of Rhos Afan primary in a record attempt.