Swansea Sparkle: A Transgender Story

Swansea Sparkle is the biggest transgender event in Wales – an event that is staged in the traditional heavy-industry city of Swansea. The programme follows three people from the transgender community as they overcome personal challenges in the lead-up to the event and explores themes of gender and identity. With a mix of ages and backgrounds, including the steel industry, they challenge perceptions about trans people, but also about the modern society in which we live. Will the city embrace the occasion? And are Welsh transgender people ready to stand up and be counted?

Three people from the transgender community overcome personal challenges.

Steelworker Robert has recently come out as transgender and wants to live full time as Rhian. He’s now ready to introduce Rhian to some of his closest friends.

Fifteen year old Llŷr is transgender and has recently started his transition to become female. His father Huw is coming to terms with the changes ahead.