Sweet Sixteen: A Transgender Story

This intimate and candid coming of age film follows a transgender teen, Llyr Jones, as she turns 16 and captures the key milestones in her progression. As she moves from childhood to adulthood, Llyr’s understanding of herself crystallises and she begins to explore the new possibilities of adulthood and identity.

Llyr, who still chooses to use her birth name, comes from a farming family in a rural, Welsh-speaking area on the west coast of Wales. Her situation is unusual in the local community and the programme offers a unique insight into a transgender teen’s experience far from the diversity and cosmopolitan life of the city.

We show how this young Welsh teenager is navigating these momentous changes in her life and reveal the importance of family, friends and self-belief in the path to reassign gender at a young age.

Llyr was a main contributor in the BBC Wales documentary Swansea Sparkle: A Transgender Story (filmed in 2015.) Using footage from that programme we continue to track Llyr’s transformation on screen.

We see her return to Swansea Sparkle 2016 to crown this year’s winner and the film also shows her embarking on the next stage in her transition with the prescription of testosterone blockers – heralding the beginning of her biological transformation.